Megan's Blog - Snowflakes and Smiles 2016


By Megan Sullivan

On Friday, December 9, Source held its annual holiday event, Snowflakes & Smiles, for the children at Denver Children’s Home.

The Denver Children’s Home is a residential/day therapy program for children ages 10-18 that struggle with mental health issues and learning disabilities resulting from abuse, neglect, or other trauma. The home provides regular therapy sessions as well as some experiential therapy that may include music, art, yoga, equine, or animal-assisted therapy. Children enrolled in either the day or residential programs also attend Denver Children’s Home’s on-site accredited school, The Bansbach Academy, which focuses on core academics as well as programs that encourage self-sufficiency, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and character development.

The event on Friday included a gingerbread house decorating contest (the whole Source team got to vote on their favorite--the winning classroom created a Trolls-themed gingerbread village!), fleece tie blanket-making, lunch, cake, airbrush tattoos, gift bags, and even a visit from Buddy the elf!

This year, through donations made by both Source employees and customers, we were able to provide the Denver Children’s Home with the following:

• A catered lunch and beverages from Fazoli's
• A cake
• A warm blanket for every child to use
• A gift bag for each child that included an individual white board, dry erase markers, gloves, soap, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and deodorant
• A $5 Subway gift card for every child (every single one of which was donated by a Source customer!)
• A gingerbread house kit for each classroom
• $100 Chick-fil-A lunch for the class that decorated the winning gingerbread house
• $100 Pizza lunch for the remaining classrooms
• Enough money to cover all expenses for their Christmas dinner feast!

Snowflakes & Smiles is an event that both Source and the kids at Denver Children’s Home look forward to every year, and this year didn’t disappoint! From all of us at Source, we are so grateful for the opportunity to help out the Denver Children’s Home, and we always have an amazing time at Snowflakes & Smiles. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped out on the day of the event or with the planning, as well as anyone who made a donation!

To find out more about the Denver Children’s Home and to learn how you can help, please visit



Megan's Blog - Bonfils Blood Drive & Habitat for Humanity


By Megan Sullivan

This summer, Source employees have been making an effort to give back to the community in a number of ways. Source hosted a blood drive at the Golden office on June 23, and this past Saturday, July 16, a group of Source employees participated in a Habitat for Humanity group work day.

This was Source’s second year hosting a Bonfils blood drive and we are very proud of all the Source employees who took the time out of their busy schedule to donate blood. 

Bonfils is local to Colorado and provides a majority of Colorado’s total blood supply. They distribute blood to around 100 hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the state of Colorado. They also supply blood to the U.S. military and to those in need in the event of a national emergency.

At the Source blood drive, Bonfils was able to collect 15 pints of blood, with 7 donations coming from first-time blood donors! Each donation can save and enhance the lives of up to three people, so Source’s donations alone have the potential to save up to 45 lives!

Please visit for more information about donating blood.

Source also participated in a group work day with Habitat for Humanity this past weekend. On Saturday, July 16, a group of Source employees participated in a critical repair of a home in Denver. They all volunteered their time for a full day from 8 AM to 3:30PM to work on repairs in the home.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds new houses that are safe and affordable, as well as renovates homes that are in need of repair in order to maintain the safety of the home. Habitat partners with low-income families to give them a decent, safe, and affordable place to live.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity, please visit

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MEGAN'S BLOG - Source Enterprise - Launch


3…2…1…BLAST OFF!  Source Enterprise Launch

by Megan Sullivan

We hope everyone has had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Here at Source this week, we are very excited to be launching our brand new ERP system, Source Enterprise, along with an all new website.

The entire Source team has been spent the last several months preparing for this transition by participating in training and testing in order to gain confidence with the system, so that we can truly provide our customers with “A Better Experience.”

We are excited to be able to use the best technology we can to serve our customers better than ever. The launch of Source Enterprise brings with it many improvements for the Source team and our customers, from improved online ordering to the integration of furniture and supply orders into one system and more. We are thrilled to be able to integrate our various lines of business into one seamless program, and we are eager to see our customers use our new and improved online ordering feature.

We know that changes can be challenging, but we have a hard-working team and we can’t wait to see where this new technology takes us.

Doug's Blog - I HAVE A DREAM Foundation


Source OT has been supporting the I Have A Dream Foundation ( IHAD )  through a variety of means over the past three years, and this past week was no exception. We captained a table at their annual fund raising breakfast, and as always, the program put on by the staff at IHAD, the parents, the mentors and of course the children warmed our hearts with their stories.  It revealed how a community can come together and make an important difference not only in a child's life, but in their entire families lives as well as friends and neighbors.

IHAD was founded in 1981 by Eugene Lang when he returned to his Alma Mater elementary school in East Harlem to speak to a group of graduating 6th graders.  Just prior to being called to the podium, the principle of the school commented that approximately 75% of the students would NOT go on to finish high school. Eugene was struck so profoundly by the statement that on the spot, he promised every child in the auditorium college scholarships if they graduated from high school. This was the beginning of a life long effort to find children in need and find a way to keep them motivated,appreciated, and in school.

Today there are over 200 IHAD programs across 27 states, Washington DC and New Zealand serving over 15,000 "Dreamers"  (participants are referred to as Dreamers).  The Boulder County chapter just celebrated their 25th Anniversary and has supported 15 Dreamer Classes with over 800 participants.

The program today continues to graduate students at a rate of over 90% with at least 85% of those going on to post-secondary education. Every "Dreamer" in the program is supported through elementary, middle and high school. They receive before and after school as well as in-class support. Many of the Dreamers have become the first person in their family to go to college helping to break the chain of poverty along with having a positive influence on their siblings.


One of our Account Managers, Doug, has volunteered at the after school and summer programs as well as helping with fund raising events.  We all have many demands on our time and finances but if you are interested in finding out more about this worthy cause, please use the link below to visit their website.



 IHAD Kids     IHAD Grad

Congratulations To Our Founder and CEO - John Givens


John Givens - 2015 NAOPA Professional of theYear!


 Award Ceremony John Givens 3

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