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Thin computing allows businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs by integrating client virtualization and cloud computing together. Client virtualization technologies and software can provide centrally managed, virtual desktops that can be securely streamed to nearly any device. By abstracting the operating system, applications, and data away from the physical device and moving it to a secure datacenter, organizations can experience significant business value with high return on investment.


Innovative, reliable and secure, we deliver real business results for your virtual computing world. We make it easy to deploy and manage thin client solutions whether you’re near or far.


We know that the best hardware in the world needs the best software. That’s why we developed the HP Thin Client software portfolio to give you the most comprehensive capabilities of industry-leading software.

HP Velocity is a software solution that improves the user experience for remote desktop and virtualized applications by addressing common network bottlenecks, such as packet loss, network latency and WiFi congestion. HP Velocity provides the greatest performance improvement for remote and branch offices, teleworkers, WiFi, and 3G/4G.

38 Secure


Protect your data with unique security features. HP Thin Clients are nothing more than paperweights when not connected to a secure network. Once unplugged from the HP high-security environment, absolutely no data can be found. HP Thin Clients also include unique security features like Enhanced or File-based Write Filters and built-in firewalls. Control and customize end-user network access like never before with antivirus software and support for multi-factor authentication through smart cards.

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Experience complete control. We keep management centralized at the server in the datacenter. That way, there are fewer points of failure and less susceptibility to viruses and malware. And thin clients are easy to deploy—out of the box in less than 10 minutes—with configuration that’s as real no-brainer. All it takes is a web browser or remote desktop software to connect thin clients to your server.

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All user types are accommodated with thin computing solutions from HP— including power users in fields like design, manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, or financial services who need greater performance, specialized USB hardware, and advanced, 2D, 3D, and multimedia application support. Customized applications and USB device support are no problem.

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