MPS Process

Managed Print Services (MPS) Process

At Source Office & Technology, we are experts in cost control and office efficiency. We are collaborative in every step of our process. And, we are here when you need us most.


1. Mapping & Usage

We begin every project by walking the floors. We chart the exact location of every device and inventory it for type, brand, model, speed, capacity, age and usage. We interview employees to discover what needs they currently have and what added functionality might make their jobs easier. We manage the printing fleet as it is over a sample period of time to get actual output data. Over the years, we’ve discovered that most companies have a hard time controlling their printing costs because they truly have no idea what their everyday output is. As we map, monitor and determine usage data for the entire imaging fleet, we are able to create a true cost/output analysis. We share this information with our clients and use it as the basis for creating a customized imaging solution.


2. Standards & Planning

This is where our knowledge of the latest Canon and HP technology is put to the test. We plan to “right size” the imaging fleet, adding functionality where possible, reducing the number of devices to reduce cost per printout, increase energy efficiency and increase employee productivity. We work closely with the internal IT department to deliver an integrated plan that places the right device in the right place, connecting each device to the network for ongoing management and service. We present a comprehensive Managed Print Services program and highlight the cost savings from month to month.


3. Implementation

Our changeover experience eliminates the organizational stress of implementation and ensures a quick, hassle-free transition. We work closely with IT to get every machine, new and redeployed, connected to the network to be monitored and maintained. We place, supply and test every machine to minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly. We remove old devices and supplies from your business site, and we train your employees to use new machines to their fullest potential.


4. Ongoing Support

We are here when you need us well beyond implementing your integrated printer solution. Source Office & Technology offers quarterly account reviews. We provide continuous measurement and strategies for improving your business workflow and reducing costs. Additionally, if an unforeseen issue arises, we will have a service technician on site within 4 hours. That’s our standard service guarantee. We make service calls easy, too. Contact us in whichever way you find most convenient, via web, email or phone. Your Source OT representative is waiting.

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