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Designjet T120

OFFICE > HP DesignJet T120

The HP DesignJet T120 Printer provides your team with a fast, easy-to-use, web-connected printer with a remarkably small footprint. Ideal for individual or multiuser environments, delivering high-quality applications, from black and white CAD drawings to color presentations. Features such as media-roll alignment and accurate print previews help streamline workflows and ensure efficiency. Key Features:

  • Web/Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built-in tray and front-loading roll
  • Intuitive 4.3-in (109-mm) color touchscreen
  • D/A1-size prints
  • Four Original HP inks and long-life printhead
Designjet T520

OFFICE > HP DesignJet T520

An easy to use, fast, reliable and accurate printer that delivers results. Achieve sharp, true-color prints of your designs, maps, photos, and presentations at resolutions up to 2400 dpi from the first print with a long-life printhead. Web/Wi-Fi connectivity means you can place the printer where it's most convenient.  Key Features:

  • Web/Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Process complex files at high speeds, A1/D prints in 35 seconds, thanks to 1 GB RAM and HP-GL/2 technology
  • Deliver architectural designs, maps, photos, and presentations with consistent, high-quality results
  • Help reduce downtime and improve productivity by using Original HP inks
Designjet T790

OFFICE > HP DesignJet T790

An easy-to-use printer that can grow with your business. Provides high quality, rapid results for small workgroups. With automatic software updates and fast printing, you’ll always produce great results quickly with crisp lines and detailed drawings, no matter how complex the project. Your prints emerge faster than ever. Web connectivity lets you print from virtually anywhere. Key Features:

  • Print to any HP Designjet printer without installing any drivers L
  • Discover the power of touch - this ePrinter's color touchscreen enables intuitive operation and page previews
  • Create a print-ready PDF at the same time you print
  • Achieve high-quality results with rich, dark blacks, true neutral grays, and vibrant solid color
Designjet T795

OFFICE > HP DesignJet T795

Enjoy Plug-and-Play simplicity with this large-format printer from HP. This HP DesignJet fosters teamwork and mobility; delivers high-quality results at fast speeds; and offers a level of simplicity that saves time and reduces costs. Benefit from fast file processing and longer runs of unattended printing. Key Features:

  • Automatic software updates
  • 16 GB of virtual memory & large ink cartridges
  • Fast file processing
  • Web connectivity
  • Exceptional print quality
Designjet T920

OFFICE > HP DesignJet T920

Front-loading printer with an integrated output stacking tray to help organize and protect your prints and offers professional results. The HP DesignJet T920 delivers flat, collated prints in seconds. Ensure accuracy with true print previews, and monitor media rolls and printer status from the touchscreen. Load rolls quickly, even when seated. Key Features:

  • Access and print projects while out of the office
  • Print fast and create professional A1/D-size prints in 21 seconds
  • Complete your work efficiently by printing correctly from the first time, thanks to true print previews

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