One and only HP’s lowest-power all-in-one smart zero client, delivering PC-like performance using a single wire for power and network connectivity. Innovative design features an 18.5” diagonal LED monitor for a small desktop footprint.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Design: Create a powerful, client virtualization environment with a streamlined all-in-one solution that combines thin client security and management for PC-like performance
  • Power-over-Ethernet: Faster, one-wire set-up. Just plug in your Power-over-Ethernet wire
  • HP Smart Zero Client Technology: Improve network performance and the end-user experience with HP Velocity software
  • Eco-highlights: Help reduce operating costs with HP’s first, ultra-low power, Power-over-Ethernet all-in-one smart zero client solution

Source HP Preferred Partner Medallion Large


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