ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation

HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstations

Everything you’d expect of the world’s first workstation Ultrabook™ to help redefine mobile computing. This is HP’s lightest mobile workstation and utilizes impressive professional 3D graphics. Key Features:

  • Intelligent Design: Easily service hardware and upgrade parts (no tools needed). Quickly and easily transfer data and connect to devices (packed with multiple ports)
  • Has latest 4th generation Intel® CoreTM i5 or i74 processors for great balance of energy efficiency and solid performance
  • Run multiple display configurations with a single graphics card (latest AMD FirePro™ graphics feature, ISV certifications and Eyefinity technology)
  • Get full power of graphics when needed and longer battery life when using lighter graphic applications
ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation

HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstations

The sleek HP ZBook 15 mobile workstation features powerful processing and graphics, consistent color throughout your workflow, simple scalability, and blazing-fast connectivity for maximum performance. Key Features:

  • Thin, light mobile workstation, featuring 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i79 processors
  • Utilize the power of office servers and workstations remotely with HP Remote Graphics Software
  • Maintain accurate colors across entire digital workflow (what you see on display translates to finished product)
ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation

HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstations

  • Vivid 17.3” diagonal screen with an optional HP DreamColor display
  • Redefine mobile performance with 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors, and vast storage expandability
  • Transfer data fast and connect to high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices over a single Thunderbolt™ cable
  • Enjoy true workstation reliability performance with professional NVIDIA Quadro 3D Graphics. (Updated settings and drivers to help maximize performance)

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