A new virtual workstation solution that provides secure, remote access to workstation-class applications from a variety of devices including thin clients, notebooks, and tablets. It is an extension of the HP family of virtualization solutions, which is designed specifically for evolving work styles.

Experience superior graphics and performance in a flexible 2U form factor that allows you to access certified workstation ISV applications—from virtually anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Supports up to eight users on one workstation; can be easily integrate into a customer’s existing data center infrastructure
  • Certified for the Citrix virtualization stack, such as the HDX 3D Pro technology, to ensure high-performance remote access to workstation-class applications
  • Keeps intellectual property/sensitive data centralized and secure by transmitting encrypted pixel data over LAN or WAN to remote users
  • Supports HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), which pioneered remote access to graphics rich applications as well as the ability to host collaboration sessions from multiple devices and multiple operating systems including Linux. 

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